Gilad Kabilo is a highly motivated individual with a diverse and multifaceted professional background, focused on creating strategic international growth through sophisticated branding, public relations and technology integration.

Gilad grew up in a bilingual and bi-cultural household in Israel. During his military service as an Intelligence Officer, he led a unique anti-terror team using sophisticated technologies and combining sharp analytical skills with field work, and was involved in hundreds of counter-terrorism operations.

Upon completion of his military role, Gilad pursued a degree in Business Administration and Asian studies from Israel's top-ranked Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Pursuing his passion for East Asia, especially Japan, Gilad became the Israel Project Manager for a Tokyo-based business consulting firm, coordinating corporate investments, joint ventures and M&As.

Gilad was then tapped by international education organization StandWithUs to serve as its Public Affairs Director. In this role, Gilad transformed the organization's digital strategy and implemented new activism platforms that led the organizations to unprecedented success in its global campaigns, such as the overturning of a boycott against Israeli chess players in Tunisia, a global support campaign for United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley for her pro-Israel stance, and a victorious on-the-ground campaign in South Africa. An effective communicator, Gilad also managed communication for the Israel branch of StandWithUs and developed strategic partnerships in Israel, East Asia, Europe and South Africa.  Gilad has spoken on behalf of the organization around the world, including the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, and has represented StandWithus in various events, panels and media outlets.

Gilad is also a featured writer and commentator on international relations and Israel-Asia business ties, has appeared in Israel's leading media outlets, and is the co-founder and host of 'Talking Asia', Israel's first Hebrew-language podcast on Israel-Asia business ties.